Camelot: Age of Legends

Roleplaying on the times of Arthurian legend

Camelot is a campaign based on legendary Britain in the times of King Arthur. Player knights will travel over land and sea, air and ether, to further the cause of virtue, chivalry, and courage – hoping to win the favor of King Arthur and win a seat at his prestigious Round Table. Troublesome rivalries, unpredictable ladies, and dangerous monsters make the task a challenging, but exciting one.

Arthur's knights represent the concept of chivalry to modern readers more than any other person or group. Chivalrous conduct basically means playing fair. Taking advantoge of your opponent's misfortune is dishonorable, as is fighting him at better-than-even odds. A chivalrous knight shows respect to ladies and good clerics, but is suspicious of sorcery, and will avoid i t if possible. To win fame ond prove their virtue. knights will often undertake quests, usually swearing on oath that their efforts will be unceasing until their goal is achieved.

Sources of Inspiration

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